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Case Studies – Telecom


Intouch Calling is a cost-effective Calling Service which is specially designed to help USA Inmates to keep them connected with their loved ones across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Intouch understands the complications of family members or friends of Inmates, what they are going through. Intouch Works on the simple mission to make calls cheaper for them. To accomplish their Mission they reduced prison call rates up to 70%.


Our Client is a great social welfare activist and he has an idea in his mind that he would build a platform for the welfare of US inmates. According to US law inmates can call their loved ones for the limited time but the call rates were very high especially for those who are calling from outside of the US. He decided to start a service from where federal inmates and their family members, friends can call at minimal cost (up to 70% less). It was not an easy task, lots of challenges were there to fulfill his dream.


When the client came to us, lots of challenges and problems were there such as lack of appropriate details of inmates, storage space for collected data, unique records, Assign local number and much more. This Project was one of the biggest challenges for our team due to the following reasons:-

Challenge in Data Gathering from BOP Website: The first Major Challenge for us to gather inmates and their family contact details from BOP website legally. According to rules BOP never shares prisoner details with anyone but to make our client’s service successful or to give proper benefit to inmates we had to collect data from BOP.
Database to Store Collected Data: Our Experts collected data from BOP website successfully but another biggest challenge for us was the need of proper space where we will store the details of inmates, their family members or friends.
Data Sorting or Duplicates Removal: When we collected Data it was not organized or lots of details were duplicate. Another biggest challenge for Qualhon team was to identify unique data from that millions of records.
Communication with Bandwidth or Salesforce: As per Intouch Call Service work process when a person calls to InTouch then call forwarded to a local phone number in which the inmate is located. So another challenge for us was to Communicate with bandwidth to collect data of assigned local numbers.
Effective or Legal communication: According to US rules inmates can call or receive calls from their loved one’s for given time limits. Another big challenge for us to make this service more effective, accurate, simple to use so that more and more people can take advantage of cost-effective calls.
Customization of New Fields: We also worked on the Website of Intouch Call Service Provider where the registration form was not accurate.
Customization of New Fields: To make this Service more user-friendly or unique client wanted to add some new fields.
The Problem in Payment Gateway:Some issues occurred during the submission of payment.
Synchronization with Salesforce: This was one of the big challenges for us to sync the Intouch call with the Salesforce. We had to create a mechanism which can let us exchange the data with Salesforce.


The Qualhon Informatics Team looked at each and every requirement and has provided the client with an Exceptional solution to cater to all the problems.

  • To accomplish the first challenge we collected details of US inmates from the BOP website. It was a major challenge for us but our talented experts made it possible without any hurdle.
  • To achieve our second target we first collected data in excel sheets then generated the database to store that records from where the client can easily fetch and contact on given numbers to keep them aware about this Service.
  • To accomplish the 3rd goal our experts generated code to identify unique records or sorted it in an appropriate format.
  • After gathering unique data, the next step was to communicate with Bandwidth from where a unique local phone number of inmate area is assigned to every caller.
  • Our Experts helped to make its design more accurate, simple or caller friendly.
  • We provide excellent Coupon functionality to make payment transfer easier.
  • Our experts provided a successful solution in the Registration Form.
  • Intouch wants to add some new dynamic fields to make their service more convenient and our team successfully gets their job done more than the client’s expectations.
  • We have used the Apex Programming to eliminate the Salesforce data exchange problem with Intouch call. We created REST APIs in Apex programming which let us exchange the data easily and safely.


Experienced Team of Qualhon Informatics again proved their talent by providing the best solution that was beyond the expectations of the client. You can check this service, Its unique functionality and how it works herehttps://intouchcall.com/ . We are now working on another project by this client which is a text service where inmates may be able to send or receive messages of their loved ones. Each inmate will get their own dedicated SMS phone number for their friends and family to send and receive messages to/from.

Client Review ”I wanted to thank each one of you for your incredible support at InTouch project. It was not a comfortable journey, and I am pleased to say that Qualhon team did a fantastic job. Since 2015, I had an idea on which I was looking for a great team to give life to my plan, and fortunately, I met Qualhon and discussed the same with them. I was a bit afraid initially to choose them, as they were a small scale of a team. But as time passed, they kept on expanding, and today my product is up and live. I am delighted with the services that I am getting from Qualhon and would positively recommend them.”

When a project comes to us, whether it is a small or a large project, We analyze each and every requirement or try to provide the best possible solution to cater to all the problems. If you have a dream project and want to discuss it with us. Feel free to contact me. We would be happy to hear from you.